Please read to understand how the process works and important questions. 

Step 1: A order will be placed via Nike.com for your correct size it is vital you choose your correct size being there are no returns. After all other materials and essentials that will be used to create your custom shoe will be ordered as well:

Step 2: I start working on your shoe, I take my time making sure each shoe is exactly how they are shown on my Instagram (@Benjaminwoodz.La, follow if you would like updates on your shoes)

Step 3: All of our customs go through a quality control check before being shipped out to make sure standards have been met and exceeded

Step 4: Your shoe will be shipped and a tracking number will be sent to you.

Please know you are purchasing a custom handmade shoe which takes me an average of 3-4 weeks to make. This time is an average and is subject to change due to the order volume but you will know if it happens. The process time is an estimate, we strive to finish the shoes within the given time and less. Please make sure to choose your correct size. Once order is placed you may not be able to change.

If there’s something you’d like to add on your custom sneaker

ex. different color bottom, different lace tips, different paint even from lows to mids to highs, black or white! please message us right after placing your order so we can adjust it

We ship via USPS, two 2-3 priority mail

After dropping the item off at the post office I am no longer liable or in charge of the item, courier is in charge.

When ordering an adult size you may receive either a mens or womens size (same EU size) as this speeds up production time.

1. Why should we trust you and you won't just steal my money? 

We have over 50+ reviews all being 5 Stars on all our selling platforms ( Etsy, Depop, Custom Movemen and our own shop ) You can look us up as well as our instagram, facebook and Pinterest. As a shoe designer we run across a lot of scammers on our network so we try to be as transparent as possible with every single one of our deals!

2. How long until I receive my sneakers? 

All sneakers are made within 2-4 weeks after ordering, designing and shipping the product. After item has been shipped out it'll then be 2-3 days until you receive your custom pair.

3. Where do you ship through? 

All our packages are shipped via USPS priority mail.

4. Do you ship international? 

Yes, we ship worldwide to any country.

5. Do you accept returns? 

No, because all products are made on request specifically for you. BE CORRECT ON YOUR SIZE BEFORE PLACING ORDER BECAUSE ALL SALES ARE FINAL. 

6. How much does shipping cost?

To see your calculated shipping rate please proceed with finalizing the order in your cart in our checkout section.

7. Do you take good care of my order?

We take a great care of every single order prioritizing them as they come in order. Our workspace is wiped down and cleaned in between each individual order to ensure customer satisfaction. We treat every order as if it where our own. 

8. Will COVID-19 affect or delay my order? 
Benjamin woods is up and running delivering packages everyday. There might be small delays due to COVID affecting our shipping carriers. After order is dropped off and scanned at post office they are 100% responsible of the item.